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About Your Courses

When you and your family watch these, they will change your life. You'll laugh and learn at the same time. 

BEST Money Academy took over a year to design, record, and produce. We invested over $200,000 to create these professionally produced classes for you and your family.

The only thing we skimped on, is singing lessons for me. My assistant teacher Maddie is a real Rock Star, and you'll love what she brings to each lesson.

Together, you and I will grow this movement of making Financial Rock Stars around the world. With me as a guide, your child will crush it in life.

It's the financial education they won't get anywhere else, so you can be confident knowing you did everything you could to give your child a better life and watch them succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You Rock!

- Scott Alan Turner
What do you mean by 'free'?
We get this question all the time.

Nada. Nothing. Zero.

No credit card is required.
You get unlimited access to all of the courses for life.
You can use these classes on your own, in a classroom, or a group setting - free.
There are no subscription fees.
This is not a trial offer.

Free means free. This is my way of helping you and your family achieve generational wealth.

Don't believe that nonsense of 'you get what you pay for'. 

Our free courses are 10x better than anyone else's paid programs. Find out for yourself.
Do the courses for children meet national and state education standards?
YES, and then some. KIDZ Money and TEENZ Money meet all Jump$tart National Standards, and meet the standards in all 50 states. They in fact blow the doors off the standards with relevant, entertaining, and practical money advice kids need to succeed.

If you look at the supporting partners of the standards, you will find big banks, lenders, Wall Street firms, and others that have a HUGE financial interest in what and how your child is taught about money. 

My interest is in making sure your child knows the truth, and how to think, not what to think. There's a big difference with our unbiased courses. I do everything in your best interest, even when it costs me money.
Can I use these courses in my school/community/program?
Yes. The curriculum is free for anyone to use and share. We only ask the content not be modified or sold. You do not need ask for permission. Permission granted!
What are Scott's teaching credentials?
- 20+ years developing courses for both in-person and online training.
- Thousands of hours of content development for people of all ages.
- Certified Financial Planner™ 
- Professional speaker with a gift for making the most complex money topics 5th grade simple.

Scott often jokes about his limited 150 word vocabulary. It's hard for him to talk over people's heads which makes him easy to understand.
What if I’m already in college or an adult? Will this program still help?
Absolutely. Most people in their 40's and 50's still struggle with basic money management (they're broke!) There are tons of lessons that will help people of any age.
Does the course include workbooks/guides?
Yes. Every individual course comes with a printable guide that follows along with the lessons. Each section includes tips, warnings, activities, discussion questions, and resources for additional research.
Are there really cat videos in this program?
Yes. Too many to count.
What about dog videos?
Just a few.
Can the videos and lessons be accessed through an iPhone or iPad?
Yes, you can watch them online through any device or TV with an Internet connection.
Do the courses offer a certificate of completion for high school credit?
For TEENZ Money, once your teen completes the course in its entirety, you may email support@scottalanturner.com to request a certificate of completion. You can request course credit to your teen’s school. The award is at your school’s discretion. Please allow 2-3 business days for delivery of the certificate.
Will these money courses work for homeschooling?
Yes. Scott and his wife Katie homeschool their twin 7-year olds. They understand the unique challenges and rewards of having kids at home all day.
I'm a parent, will I need to understand and teach the material?
The simple, engaging, Click-Play-And-Watch Program was built to help hard working, errand running, chore completing, busy parents like you give your kids a better financial future without spending excessive time (that you don’t have) or worrying if your kids are getting the best financial education. We did the hard work so you can give your child a better life and not worry about their future.
I'm a teacher, can I benefit from these?
Yes, the workbooks were designed from the start for individual, group, and classroom learning. Each workbook has unit and lesson plans, activities, and discussion questions. And the amazing videos that are unlike any other program available. It's as simple as pressing the play button.
What if I have questions on the lessons?
Scott tries to personally answer as many questions as possible on the Financial Rockstar podcast. We are committed to your success and you can send your questions to support@scottalanturner.com
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