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The Netflix of Personal Finance For Kids Ages 3-19

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Fact: schools do not teach about money.
Fact: the system is against us.
Fact: we are here to help.

Kids need help in today's world. We all do. BEST Money Academy helps people of all ages become Financial Rock Stars through relatable, self-care based, funny, and hard-hitting online courses.

We bring financial literacy with humor, sarcasm, and attitude!

Do you want your kids to have a better financial life?

Think about everything school didn't teach you about money, success, and life in the real world. Every child needs a basic to advanced financial education about the money topics schools still don't teach. We can help...starting right now.

Why BEST Money Academy?


Created To Make Learning About Money Fun

Not the old-school, outdated, boring, bad, biased (we could go on) financial jargon that puts people to sleep and nobody pays attention to or follows.


Success Stories From Other Financial Rock Stars

Hear from people of all ages, and just like you who have overcome obstacles to win with money. The deep-in-debt to multi-millionaires.


Easily Remember What’s Most Important

Each course comes with an interactive Moneybook (downloadable PDF) that highlights the most important stuff. Includes valuable checklists and additional resources.


Just Click Play And Let Us Guide You

Watch a quick lesson or binge watch. Relax and let us do the teaching for you and your family.

Our Exclusive Programs

Financial literacy for pre-k and kindergarten kids - money a to z

For Ages 3-6

Financial literacy for kids - kidz money ages 7-12

For Ages 7-12

Financial Literacy for teenagers - TEENZ Money

For Ages 13-19+

The world's most comprehensive financial success training!


How do you break limiting mindsets and achieve extraordinary progress, wealth, and momentum?


How do you achieve your goals, manage your finances, and stay focused?

How to GROW

Ever felt stuck? Join and learn how to breakthrough to make success more than something to dream about.

Find Your Purpose!

Confused about how to make the best decisions and avoiding the negative influences of the world? 
We got you!

Master Your Money and MINDSET

It's time to skip past another budget worksheet. It's time to take control of your life - so you can afford your dream lifestyle.

World-Class Coach

From a money moron at age 22 living paycheck-to-paycheck and in debt, to a self-made millionaire at 35 and now best-selling author, Scott Alan Turner, CFP® has spent over 20 years devoted to personal finance and learning about money.

Now, Scott brings his energetic passion into his Financial Coaching classes to equip you with the tools to make lasting change where you want it most.

Live Like A Financial Rock Star

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