"Parents Want a Better Life For Their Child...But They Get an 'F' When It Comes To Money" 

  • They’re Watching You. Kids watch their parents every move like a CIA spy. They see how you spend. They can sense the fear, worry, and arguments about money around the house and at the store. 
  • They Will Become Just Like You - Studies show most kid’s money habits are set for life by age seven. It’s like they inherited everything their parents did or didn’t learn, just like they inherited their eyes, nose, or hair color. 
  • They Learn Quick. Children as young as 3 years old can understand basic money concepts the same way they understand cookies are delicious. 
  • ​They Never Change. If your kids don’t build good habits now, there is a high probability they will end up with bad money habits for life. Do your kids nag you to buy them stuff sometimes? If so, what's the plan to stop that behavior? 
  • They Need Help. You're busy doing 1,006 other important parenting things. Like laundry, fixing dinner, and driving them to soccer practice. But you’re not an experienced financial teacher
  • They Deserve A Better Life. It's the desire of every parent. If money is causing stress in your family now, what’s it going to look like later?

"So Are You Doing Everything You Can For Your Child's Success?


Introducing Money A to Z...

Make Sure Your Child Isn't Left Behind

Use These Simple Lessons To Build Great Money Habits, Behavior, Confidence, and Wow Your Friends... No Teaching Experience Required!

  • Change your kids behavior so they want to help around the house and understand they have to work for what they want. No more nagging and begging to buy them stuff!
  • Become the world’s awesomest parent for helping your kids succeed. Get the tools for life change even if you've been less than perfect with money.
  • Get on track in preparing your kids for the real world. Discover how to teach them the best way and build good habits that last a lifetime.
  • Experience the pride and accomplishment they will feel that school's can't teach in a classroom.
  • Stop worrying if your child is going to repeat your mistakes (we've all made them) by giving them a foundation for success, even at their young age.

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get When You Enroll Today...

Money A to Z Digital Children's Book

Money lessons for every letter of the alphabet so children can learn their ABCs and important money topics not taught in school. This will quickly become one of your child's favorite bedtime books!
children's video lessons about money

Video Lessons

Step-by-step lessons for adults that provide insight and inspiration to help you talk to your child about money. 

This video program is going to have you excited to talk to your child about money and give you the confidence you need to do it!
Children's book about money parent's homeschooling workbook

Parent/Teacher Guide

Every lesson is explained in detail so adults will feel confident helping their child learn.

It's as simple as following the directions to microwave popcorn.
Children's activity book for money lessons

Children's Activity Book

Printable lessons for children to teach what's most important at their age.

About Your Guide Scott Alan Turner CFP®

Scott is a former money moron, living the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, losing $40k in the stock market, and racking up a load of credit card debt. But by age 35, he turned it all around and became a self-made millionaire.
In a world of get-rich-quick schemes, biased advice, and financial Pied Pipers, Scott’s authentic, no-holds-bared approach makes it possible for anyone to absolutely rock their personal finances.
Scott is on a mad mission to help you get financial independence, ultimate happiness and a life full of awesome experiences. With his rebel style, off-beat humor, and signature life-on-your-own-terms approach, Scott’s inspiring a movement of Financial Rock Stars across the globe.

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"My daughter loves your book!" - Jon
If you're a someone with a child ages 3-7 who wants their kids to be smart with money, understand this:

Money A to Z is the #1 way to make sure your kids are on track to be a money genius...

Start Today A Lifetime of Good Habits

Are you ready to give your child the financial education they won't get anywhere else?

A priceless investment in the lives of your kids.

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