"Your Child's Financial Future Is In Your Hands"

Our unique course series introduces important ideas that schools don't teach...


Here's The Problem...
Schools don’t have a foolproof plan to help your child succeed after graduation

Old-school curriculum leaves out critical money lessons that your child needs to succeed in the real world.

Are you doing your part to prepare them for the new economy?

  • Can't Trust Most Curriculum: There are 1,080 hours in a school year. An average of 3 are spent on teaching money. Yet how many hours a DAY does an adult think about and handle money?
  • Old-school Financial Education Doesn't Make a Difference. It doesn't match up with the economic realities and actual financial choices most people face. Studies show even when it's available it doesn’t change behavior any more than calorie counts keep people from eating a bag of Doritos (which is delicious)
  • It's Hard To Know Who To Trust. Lenders, banks, and financial pied-pipers are out to get your teen's money. Who is teaching them how to protect themselves from bad, biased, and bogus advice?
  • Knowing How To Think Critically Is...Critical! ​Your teen's finances are going to be in terrible shape not because of the cost of higher education, health insurance, and buying $7 coffee, but because they aren’t being taught how to succeed, build real wealth, and get ahead in every area of their life.
  • Teaching Money Is Intimidating. Most parents are intimidated talking about money, when they might not know enough themselves or have a less than perfect financial history. Where is your child going to turn for answers?
  • YourTeen Needs Trusted Teaching. 61% of all teenagers fail at basic financial literacy. They should be better prepared to succeed.

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Here's the Plan

Your child is going to be watching the most comprehensive and entertaining program about personal finance available, guaranteed to make them pay attention, learn something, laugh out loud, and succeed with money.

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Kids watch the lessons at their own pace. No instructor needed.


Your kids learn how to handle money responsibly.


Your child becomes a Financial Rock Star.

What Makes These Courses So Different?


Created To Make Learning About Money Fun​ - Not the usual boring, dry, financial jargon that puts people to sleep and nobody pays attention to.


Success Stories From Other Financial Rock Stars - Hear from people of all ages, and just like you who have overcome obstacles to win with money. The deep-in-debt to multi-millionaires.


Just Click Play And Let Us Guide You​ - Watch a quick lesson or binge watch. Relax and let us do the teaching for you and your family.


Foolproof Finances, Unbiased Advice​ - Hear from someone that puts you and your family's money first. Discover the bad, bogus, and biased advice from the financial pied pipers and financial services industry. 

The Cost of NOT Getting These Courses

Money mistakes are costly, right?

The truth is if you had heard and followed the advice in TEENZ Money twenty years ago, you'd probably have a million dollars or more in the bank by now.

The good news is you'll be able to blow any retirement savings and your kid's inheritance because they won't need your money. I'm going to teach them how succeed and build wealth.

If preparing your child to be smart with money sounds intimidating to you...

You've just found a better way. But it requires awesome parents like you to make a choice for your child for their future. You must give them the financial education they deserve to succeed. 

A Lifetime of Learning With No Strings Attached.

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What Do They Teach?

Get a sneak peek.

Saving, Yes Please!

"I wish I had started saving sooner" says every Gen-Xer and Boomer still breathing. This course is the motivation kids need so they aren't repeating those same words in the year 2040 when they're deciding between the private suite or the bunk beds for you at the old folks home.
(9 lessons, 2 hours)

Spending Plans

Budgeting sucks. Anyone that says different is blowing smoke. Craft a spending plan that balances saving, spending, and investing so you can buy what you love.
(20 lessons 3.5 hours)

Dangers of Debt

If you've lived paycheck-to-paycheck and in debt live I have, you know how stressful it is. Give your kids the wake-up call they need before they ruin their lives for the next twenty years, and can have ultimate happiness instead.
(15 lessons, 1.6 hours)

Credit Cardashians

Credit cards are a useful tool or from the devil himself. Listen to a refreshing take on the pros and cons of credit cards, including how to live without them, avoid credit card debt, as well as how to beat the credit card companies at their game.
(29 lessons, 2.2 hours)

Credit Scores

Good credit is like having teeth - life is a lot easier with them. A good credit score can save you tens-to-hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime, impact your ability to get an apartment, influence your insurance rates, and can be used during the hiring process for some jobs. So let's not screw this up, ok?
(14 lessons, 1 hour)

Invest Like a Pro

Not the stupid investing like Bitcoin or buying Tesla on the Robin Hood app. Real investing. Real simple. What it is. How to do it. How to spell it. 5th grade simple with no jargon. Lots of pizza and donut analogies. All based on academics, not rainbow unicorns. Adults need this course too.
(50 lessons, 3.5 hours)

Buy Your Dream Car

Cars = freedom. Unless the payment is too much then someone becomes a slave to a car payment each month. Save $500-$5,000 or more with these secrets and learn how to buy a car the smart way. 
(29 lessons, 3 hours)

College Planning

If you want to annoy your kids, this course will do it. Student loans, the parties are great, shoulda been a plumber and made $75/hour, blah blah blah. What you really need to know: picking the right school, deciding on a degree, paying for school, the real cost of student loans, don't be a dufus and take out PLUS loans.
(10 lessons, 2 hours)

ID Theft + Privacy Protection

Here's a freebie tip - quit wasting money on useless ID theft protection services. Get the rest of my CIA/FBI/NSA tips in this course to stop the North Korean hackers from hijacking your life.
(6 lessons, 1 hour)


Good grief, it's freaking insurance. I loaded this one up with 10x the cat videos just to keep myself from falling asleep. It's 3+ hours long. Almost as long as the movie Titanic. Which is what's going to happen to your life without this course. 
(23 lessons, 3 hours) 

Jobs + Careers

Life's too short to work a crap job with a loser boss. Determine the best career path for you before you waste time and money on something that isn’t right. Make the most money, no matter what you do.
(7 lessons, 2 hours)

Apartment Hunting

Having a roommate sucks at some point. Here's how to make sure living with someone sucks less.
(8 lessons, 1 hour)

Smart Shopping

You can afford anything. You just can’t afford everything. Yet. Get the designer jeans, new sneakers, video game, and save for your future at the same time with these tips, tricks, and hacks.
(8 lessons, 1.5 hours)

Better Banking

Banks are more than a place for free lollipops...though some of them are only good for that. The average person wastes $435 a year on banking fees. So this one lesson is basically going to pay for the entire course 10x over in the first year.
(6 lessons, 1 hour)

Life Skills Every Teen Needs

Teenagers are not prepared to enter the world and achieve success. Why? Because nobody has ever taught them what it takes to 'succeed’. Lucky for them, these skills can be easily learned if you know what they are.
(17 lessons, 1 hour)

Millionaire Success Secrets

You wouldn't want a professional jazz flute player to teach your kid how to dunk a basketball, right? Since I'm looooooaded, I'll show your kid step-by-step how ordinary people like me who came from nothing build wealth.
(5 lessons, 1 hour)

That's 33+ Hours Of Life Changing Advice...

That You'll Have Lifetime Access To So You Can Watch When You Need It Most

Meets all Jump$tart National Standards, and meets the state education standards for personal finance curriculum in all 50 states.

Course completion certificates for high-school credit available upon request.

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What Others Are Saying...

Meghan, Age 20
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  • "The first course is already worth it! My kids are finally paying attention to their money. Thank you SO MUCH!​" Grace Austin, TX
  • "I'm blown away how much content is in TEENZ Money. I definitely haven't learned any of this in school.​" Oscar​ Orlando, Florida
  • "I've never been good with money and I'm so thankful I came across this program. This is exactly what my kids need. And they love it so far!" Jill​ New Mexico

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Scott Alan Turner

I know how you feel, I was a money moron. It can be frustrating as a parent, because kids already know everything and don’t want to listen to their parents.

It can be intimidating talking to kids about money when someone might not know enough themselves.  But it’s so important teens learn how to make smart decisions with their money . 

I didn’t learn about money in school or from my parents, which is why TEENZ Money is financial education done right.

The lessons are a welcome breath of fresh air for “bored” teenagers.  Every lesson you child needs is here to make the learning process simple, easy, and fun. 

You need someone that your teen will get and pay attention to. THIS is the COURSE that SHOULD BE REQUIRED IN HIGH SCHOOL!!

For over 20 years I’ve been creating online education. 

Giving these courses away for free is my way of doing something to change the world and help create generational wealth.

TEENZ Money teaches your kids to be responsible so you can give them a future with more money than you or me as parents ever dreamed of. That means even if your financial history hasn’t been perfect, you can have peace of mind knowing your child will get to live differently.


We'll also include all of our PDF activity workbooks, FREE!
Each PDF activity workbook contains age-appropriate activities, resources, and discussion questions that help your child continue learning the lessons from the courses.

Your family will finally be able to have open, easy, and honest talks about money.

Are you ready to give your child the financial education they won't get anywhere else?

Free financial literacy anyone can use that is 10x better than other paid programs. Try it and find out now.

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