ATTENTION PARENTS: Are You Setting Your Teenagers up to be Millionaires or Are You Going to be Like 99% of Parents and Miss Something Teaching Their Kids About Money?

New on demand courses show your teens how to master finances today and in the future.




To Raise Money Smart Kids That Will Succeed In Life, Your Teens Have to Master the Basics of Personal Finance

But There’s a Problem…

  • It’s intimidating teaching kids about money to enter the real world
  • Only a few of states require students take a comprehensive personal finance course before graduation
  • What you’ve tried so far isn’t working
  • How can parents teach complicated and confusing financial topics when most people barely understand them themselves?
  • You’re leaving their financial future up to chance
  • Most financial education is boring and ineffective

TEENZ Money has everything you need for your child’s financial success in life. And it’s engaging so your kids will pay attention to it.

Your Plan For Your Teen's Financial Success In Life

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Kids watch the lessons at their own pace. No instructor needed.


Your kids learn how to handle money responsibly.


You have peace of mind about your child’s financial future.


What Others Are Saying...

Got this for my daughters during Covid. They both said it's the only class they will be able to use after graduating from high school this year. You'll feel so grateful after getting this for your kids.
Julia H.
San Jose, CA
Every parent needs to get this for their kids. I never thought I'd see the day, but my kids and I are finally talking about money. And they are being more responsible with their money.  I wish I had something like this when I was their age and I would have avoided wasting so much time and money. 
Dana T.
Rockwall, TX
This is Awesome! Not only is it helping me, but my daughters are getting a lot out of it. They don’t need to make the mistakes I made with money. Thanks for putting this program together!
Pablo N.

"Why Don't They Teach This In School?"

Most people have thought this statement about money, right?

How will your teen get the skills to make smart money decisions today, and in the future?

The school system has never done a good job of preparing kids to enter the real world and avoid making huge money mistakes. The few options that are available are boring, outdated, and usually provide bad advice. Some of the same educators that will teach kids to manage their money will also teach them caveman art history.

But what do you and your kids actually need to learn to create a better financial future?

TEENZ Money is all about teaching the basics. If your teen understands the basics of saving, credit, debt, insurance, and intelligent investing, your teen will thrive.

The on-demand courses in the TEENZ Money series will give your teen the fundamentals of earning more at any job or career, saving and investing for the future, avoiding scams and rip-offs, and having confidence to run their own finances and life.

We’ve included courses to prepare your teen for every aspect of their finances at their age. Starting today, they'll have a plan to manage their money responsibly, plan for college or a career, afford the life you want for them, and much more.

The whole series is designed to make learning fun and engaging.

Don't settle for incomplete teaching, and boring, outdated curriculum that doesn't help your teen succeed. Give your teen the basics today so you can both sleep better tonight. 

Get access to TEENZ Money and watch your teen’s confidence (and bank account!) grow.

Your TEENZ Money Courses Includes​

  • Lifetime Access to all 16 Courses
  • ​30+ Hours of Engaging Video
  • ​100+ Activities + Discussion Questions
  • Printable Workbooks
  • Meets all Jump$tart National Standards
  • ​Meets Standards in all 50 States
  • ​30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Scott Alan Turner


TEENZ Money is taught by Scott Alan Turner, Certified Financial Planner© and founder of BEST Money Academy. He is the author of the bestselling book 99 Minute Millionaire and host of the Financial Rockstar Podcast, where he has answered thousands of listener questions about personal finance over the past five years. Scott has been creating online courses for twenty years. In TEENZ Money he will help you make sure you have peace of mind about your child’s financial future. 


In Case You Were Wondering...

Does this course meet national and state education standards?
Yes. TEENZ Money meets or exceeds all Jump$tart National Standards, and meets standards in all 50 states.
What if I’m already in college? Will this course still help?
Absolutely. The course is targeted at teens, but there are tons of lessons that will help people of any age.
Does the course include workbooks/guides?
Yes. Every individual course comes with a printable guide that follows along with the lessons. Each section includes tips, warnings, activities, discussion questions, and resources for additional research.
Can the videos and lessons be accessed through an iPhone or iPad?
Yes, you can watch them online through any device or TV with an Internet connection.
Does this course offer a certificate of completion for high school credit?
Once your teen completes the course in its entirety, you may email support@scottalanturner to request a certificate of completion. You can request course credit to your teen’s school. The award is at your school’s discretion. Please allow 2-3 business days for delivery of the certificate.
What if I have questions on the lessons?
Scott tries to personally answer as many questions as possible on the Financial Rockstar podcast. We are committed to your success and you can send your questions to support@scottalanturner.com
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  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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